about us

Kennedys Tree Services has been a family owned and run company servicing Perth for the past 25 years. Our dedicated team provide you with the best possible service and remain abreast of the latest changes and innovations affecting the professional arborist.

We offer a complete range of vegetation management and on-site inspection and maintenance services to Customers engaged in public and private infrastructure and facilities management.

We do not see a tree as an isolated object, we see it as an integral part of our surroundings, part of our fragile environment; an essential component of our everyday life. In both our inner city and our ever-growing suburbs, for councils, trees are a huge investment; and such a large investment requires trained qualified personnel and experienced staff to care for them.

We are here to quote both small and large jobs, are fully insured and do a full clean up when our work is complete.

Our Arborists

Our Qualified Arborists offer free estimates, we are able to come to your property, assess your needs and arrange a fair price. Kennedys Tree Services are highly dependable and respected company. We bring professionalism, skilled workers and excellent customer satisfaction to the tree industry. We are flexible and more than willing to work with you to meet your needs.

The Urban Forest

The trees around our homes and in our parks and gardens surrounding our houses are more commonly these days referred to as the “urban forest”. The urban forest plays an important part in our lives, filtering water, sunlight and air, providing shelter to our native animals and a place to rest or play for ourselves and children.

Did you know that trees help to lower the air temperature in our suburbs. Deciduous trees shade and shelter our buildings in the summer, then by dropping their leaves in the cooler periods allow the sun to warm the buildings thus allowing us to use less electricity.

In Perth our general population, and more importantly, our Councils, have a keen understanding of the importance of the natural ecology in urban forests. We see people interested in the preservation and restoration of our ecosystems rather than the destruction or quick fix of removing and replanting. Hundreds of trees form part of the State Heritage database here in Western Australia.

Occupational Health and Safety

All our staff are required to hold a White/Blue Card which is a legal requirement for anybody wishing to work on a construction site in Western Australia. Units of competency they are taught are:

  • Identify and understand roles, responsibilities and rights of duty holders
  • Understand OHS communication and reporting processes
  • Apply the principles of risk management
  • Identify common hazards and control measures
  • Interpret and apply safety information and documentation
  • Use safe work practices
  • Respond to OHS incidents

Our staff also complete a thorough in-house induction process; have police clearance certificates when employed with us and are involved in ongoing training completing courses such as Tree Pruning near High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Lines, Chainsaw Certificate for Trim and Fell Cut Trees, Elevated Work Platform Certification, Basic and Senior First Aid Certification. A qualified Arborist is available for estimations at your request.

Kennedys Tree Services and the Community

Kennedys Tree Services are generous contributors to our schools in the southern and eastern suburbs of Perth as well as aged nursing homes and church groups supplying free mulch whenever possible. Every year thousands of cubic meters of mulch are donated.